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Bot does not show live pairs or paper trading pairs

This is the problem that I have in CT 1.4.4, windows, Binance international. I upgraded it, i used to have 1.3 but it stop running (I had several pairs working in 1.3 version), after I upgraded the previous pairs still running because the bot is able to buy and sell as it did with the previous version and the records[…]


I have been having an issue with CT not selling all the shares involved in a trade.  I’ve attached some photos.  I should be fully out of PDEX but when I go into my exchange is still have 9.6 PDEX on my exchange.  Seems as though it has gotten worse the past few days.

Kucoin limit sell

I just started trading on Kucoin and wanted to make you aware that I had to market sell on my first trade.  I have included a screenshot.   It went all the way to +18% before I did a market sell.  It seems that a sale isn’t being triggered when parameters are being met.  I’m using v 1.4.1 on windows 10[…]

1.4.1 update

Yesterday I went ahead and updated from v 1.3.3 to v 1.4.1.  I am currently using coinbase pro as a primary exchange.  I noticed that I still had all of my active trades but no new trades were entered or exited when the parameters were met.  I uninstalled and went back to 1.3.3 and immediately it entered and exited a[…]