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I Tried Day Trading With A Trading Bot

Greetings ladies and gentlemen welcome I am the crypto crow and it is well currently it’s Monday happy 4th of July happy independence day for as long as that lasts I’m kidding so I am going to be showing you guys some interesting stuff because I have been day trading with a bot and it is I’m feeling really good about it I’m feeling really good about the future a lot of you guys know back in the day I was a huge advocate of profit trailer which was an automated trading bot that was just trading everything for me on the fly on autopilot for the most part and um I did well with that bot and I had a lot of fun with it. I know a lot of you guys had a lot of fun with it because I gave you guys all my strategies for free I know there were a lot of people that were selling bot trading strategies back then and I of course did not I feel like you know if you get the bot you should know how to use it and it should be profitable for everyone there’s plenty of volume to go around but they changed they changed everything they changed it from being a standalone download um you know one-time purchase to a cloud-based monthly subscription and just about everything changed about the bot and I stopped using it and I stopped promoting it I ended up building my own bot crow trader.

it’s been a long road it’s been a it’s been a while but I think this brought us finally to a place where I can start using it profitably um and and it’s not even so much that it never worked it was just buggy it has it has been a little buggy where you have to really watch it and recently we just released version 1.4 six which is you know if you haven’t watched in a while it’s been quite it’s been through quite a few upgrades so I’m going to show you some things because I am running this bot profitably on a vps server I should say that for the end but you’re going to learn a lot in this video and so you know there’s one question that I see a lot on social media and it’s if bot trading worked why does anyone sell their bot right in other words why would you share the wealth if you create this program that’s being that’s able to automatically trade the market why would you ever sell it why would you sell licenses to it for other people to do the same and you know quite frankly the answer is um there’s just too much volume.

I mean especially in crypto there’s just too much volume for any one person on market orders or  even limit orders to really trade all of that I mean it’s just it’s a really difficult thing and so it’s easier um you know really and on top of that the number of potential trading pairs available  yeah I guess if you are a gazillionaire already and you had the capital to trade on multiple exchanges and trade every pair on those exchanges and all there’s just that you know nobody has the means of basically conquering the entire market so you know with that you know like myself you know I might only bought trade with a thousand bucks um maybe a bitcoin I mean back in the day when bitcoin was only like four or five grand I would trade with two bitcoin at a time and I would I would have fifteen hundred dollar two thousand dollar days that I would profit okay so um but you know a big part of this too is community and there are a lot of people in the crow trader community that are helping each other and swapping ideas and really we built crow traders specifically to be able to share profitable strategies and configurations so this is the crow trader website.

I’ve been rebuilding this website there’s a lot of information here there’s shopping there’s the blog there are how-to guides in here that’ll teach you a lot of different functions you can become an affiliate if you want you’ve got support on telegram we’ve got a knowledge base terms of service if you want to get a little familiar with the bot you can watch this later now here’s the thing don’t spend a dollar don’t buy this bot don’t buy this bot yet what I feel anyone that’s curious about bot trading should do is download the latest version for either windows or mac or Linux and just run it as an evaluation copy basically you’re going to be able to do everything I’m going to show you here and it’s not going to cost you a dime and you’re not going to use your real capital.

You’ll be able to do back testing which I’m going to show you and you’ll be able to do paper trading and you’re going to be able to figure out if it’s profitable what the potential is  if you were to get into bot trading and if you’re back trading some pairs and you find some configurations and settings that you really like that show profitable on a back test profitable and paper trading then maybe you want to get a copy of the bot because right now while bitcoin is hovering around 20 grand or less it could be a really good opportunity the because the bots like .03 bitcoin so it’s actually still pretty cheap but obviously the cheaper bitcoin is for those that aren’t holding it you know you’re buying in you know at higher prices to pay for the bot, so get it while you can on the cheap now.

CrowTrader runs on Kucoin Coinbase and, okay so these three exchanges I run on Kucoin currently 1.8 a billion dollars a day in daily trade volume so you’re getting in and out of positions pretty easily and there are 1 33 trading pairs  market pairs available on Kucoin so it’s actually a lot of fun to basically do what I call treasure hunting okay and there are some articles and then there’s me um with my baby angel now as we move forward I’m gonna basically show you what I’m doing with Bollinger bands okay on this bot um and before we dive in, I’m going to show you some back testing and then I’m going to show you how to move that into paper trading. I’m going to do this is basically my little play wallet here now if you’re in the bot  and there are other videos to show you how to set it up and configure it and all that but if you’re in the bot you go to back testing you see Bollinger band trails crow ema crossover ema sniper Ichimoku which we’re actually working on a big ichimoku um standalone for those who love the Ichimoku cloud and really want to dive into specifics a double ema gainer dual hma psar happy trails ping pong which is a super simple one  the murder of crows which is kind of like a it’s a it’s an indicator that I kind of created based off of an ema crossover as it relates to rsi um it’s a little more of a complex thing but it actually it I mean it can either work really well or not and it really depends on the market and sma trifecta so these are all the strategies that you can run in the bot the easiest to run out of the box profitably potentially.

Now let me make this disclaimer it doesn’t matter how good you are it doesn’t matter um you know what you do with the bot all experiences can vary okay the market’s volatile it’s risky everything is a risk the bot may bug out on you there are little things that can happen I can’t tell you that this bot’s going to work 100 for you all the time um it it you know and it’s definitely not a set it and forget it where you set up the bot you run it and you just forget about it for six years and you’re rich that’s not how bots work um but close enough to make it fun all right so here’s what we’re going to do right now we’re going to back test the trading pair um and I am going to do ada because that’s my favorite project of all and I can either trade cardano against bitcoin okay or I can trade it which is a much more volatile trade okay it’s there’s probably a lot more up and down activity there so I might get in and out of trades a little easier or I can trade against like usdc okay I’m not going to use tether because quite frankly I don’t trust Tether so I’m going to use usdc.

I’m gonna put market buys I’m gonna say starting capital um we’ll say 1500 bucks okay and  fixed amount and every time I buy I’m gonna buy a hundred dollars worth of Cardano so every time this bot buys it’s going to buy a hundred dollars worth of Cardano which is going to give me 213.87 Cardano order cell type is market slippage and fees I’m just going to put .01 in there and we’re going to do this on a 30 minute candle over the last month.

So what this is saying that if if I were to look at a trading view chart and I put it on a 30 minute candle that’s what this bot is going to be looking at to operate and I’m going to look at a back test so I’m going to say okay bot given this the the indications here the settings and configuration that I’m running here um how will this strategy perform on a 30 minute candle over the last month not the next month but the last month we’re gonna run sma time frame leave this on stock stock stock gain of one percent that’s fine that’s really all I’m necessarily looking for I could bump that up if I’m if I want to hold trades a little longer.

I’d never use stop loss on an on a bot and i’ll tell you why because I use dca on a bot is my money maker and I know that there are a lot of traders out there if they’re manually trading they’re like always use a stop loss for one thing I use a bot to trade coins that I do not mind holding long term okay so if there’s a project out there that I’m that I’m if there’s something I want to buy and accumulate anyway like Cardano well it doesn’t really matter to me if if the price drops and I end up having to hold it long term and if I want to get out of that trade and cat free up the capital faster in my bot well I’m going to set that DCA to 10 times which basically means this is the by drop value every time let’s say I go into Cardano at 50 cents okay and then as soon as I buy it the price drops one percent well I’m buying another hundred at at a cheaper price and I’m going to keep doing that every time the price drops by one percent after my entry up to 10 times I can do this 15 times.

but the thing of it is i’ve got 1500 in here so I could potentially buy let’s just say 14 times because every time we dca it’s putting another hundred dollars in and what that’s doing is it’s averaging my entry price down so that when the price does come back up I can get out of that trade faster free up capital and start waiting for then the bot starts waiting for another entry point I hope that all makes sense but that’s what we’re going to run here so once this is all set here I’m going to go ahead and hit run and see how long it takes for me to pump out this back test wow okay so there’s a lot of activity here so this is basically what the bot looks like let’s go while there’s so much here all right so this is saying total percent gain zero percent buy and hold is negative 17 and a half percent now this is confusing because it’s not showing any gains however it is making gains so in the in the latest update we just changed it so if you enter a position and it starts dcaa so it’s already gone into some dca trades its registering is not having total gains but that because you have active trades but that’s not really what’s happening as you can see it’s making one to two percent here and there.

okay so like this trade here it entered at 46 cents all right so this was the initial entry um and then as the price dropped it got in again here 44 cents 45 cents 46 47 48 cents so actually so yeah we we entered and then it’s backwards so as the price dropped all the way down to 43 cents it just continued to double down double down double down until finally the price got back up to like 46 7 as you can see here and we made a 1.56 percent um profit on that trade okay so there’s another thing you can do you know let’s say I really don’t mind holding ada I’m gonna go ahead I want my I want a trailing buy and I want a trailing cell which this can slow things down quite a bit but ultimately what this is saying is I want to let’s say the bot is is that a potential profit point right and i’ll show you on a bollinger band chart here in a minute how this works but ultimately let’s say I buy in at 50 cents and the price is going down right we’re at a particular point in the bollinger band where this is an entry point but I’m going to basically I’m going to trail that down by 0.1 percent and wait for that price to bottom before my bot enters that position and at that point it’ll it’ll buy the position  once the price is reversed by 0.1 percent and the same happens if I’m selling so maybe the price goes up one percent but it’s still moving up this is going to trail that price up until it’s con like you know it might move up 0.1 percent 0.1 0.1 percent and then drop down 0.1 then the bot activates and sells and exits that position so and you can you can monitor you can look at all the charts but this is what the bot is looking for um entry point exit point entry point exit point um and it just keeps doing that over and over and over the idea of the bollinger band is that it wants to buy and it enters the trade at the bottom of a band and it wants to exit with it when you have at least one percent profit towards the top of the band and then it waits for a new entry point when the prices come back down back towards the bottom of the band.

If you know about bollinger bands then it’s really helpful and it’s easier to understand that ultimately this this bollinger band represents the the relative price as to whether or not it’s high or low given this medium line this median line um if the price candles are below that line then the price is relatively low given its trade history does that make sense so that’s ultimately how the bot works and and as you can see there’s all that green is profit one percent one point one one percent one point one seven percent but you can also see that almost every trade has dca trades under it to get it to that profit  position so like the initial trade here might have been 0.474425 and then if it actually exited it 0.479204 which that only makes sense because the price  well actually no maybe it was a 49 cents so yeah as it as the dollar cost averaging was taking into effect it was ultimately lowering that price your average entry price down to around 47  cents so that’s how this bot works and it really actually does work now you know once you once you actually have your bot in a profitable position you know you can add additional pairs okay so I have my bot going right now let me show you my bot um okay so this is my this is my this is live trading for me right now okay and like if you see my p l it’s down two hundred it’s because i’ve been these the dollar cost averaging into these trades.

I did a one point two one percent trade there one point one four percent these are p l and percentage this is p l and amounts so if every time I dca and I’m getting like a free two and a half eta right I love cardano so for me to get two three four cardano at a time for every one of these trades for free well this could be 30 40 bucks a trade that I’m making you know once cardano has reached its next peak so I’m very happy about that and if you see here we got in this entry the price is trailing I mean that’s like a trailing price it’s true it’s watching this price go up I’m pretty sure it has not exited this trade yet um yeah so my current p l is point  point eight seven percent as soon as that hits one percent it’s gonna but i’ve been dollar cost averaging that’s how this works that’s the beauty of it and so let’s say maybe there’s a hiccup in the bot or something because I did have a hiccup because I’m running this on a vps and I did run into a bug where the vps wasn’t connecting it wasn’t staying connected  properly for whatever reason and I missed some dollar cost averaging opportunities which is why this is taking a little while longer than it normally would um I can I can manually dca anytime I want.

So if I’m like looking at the chart and I’m like oh man I’m pretty sure both of these were manual dcas because it just wasn’t it wasn’t doing anything I was looking at the code and I sent it to my devs and he’s like yeah there’s like some sort of  thing with the vps so I’m like okay cool um but then I just manually dca’ed now these are this is this is the paper trades so I’m running a paper trade on cardano against bitcoin just to see how is the volatility between the two is one more profitable than the other basically using the same strategy but using bitcoin because think about it bitcoin’s volatile bitcoin goes up and down quite a bit itself so if bitcoin is volatile and usdc isn’t then it should be potentially easier to get in and out of the volatility of cardano using a dollar than bitcoin so and this I can show you my um my paper trading as it sits right now I’m currently in a trade at 0.17 um with bitcoin and so you can see it’s it’s acting pretty similar to  to my trades with the dollar so that that’s cool um and I can back test anything as many times as I want I can go in when I set up a a an indication or a strategy I can change any of these things that I want I can use the rsi if I want I can determine you know different rsi length entry value exit value.

I can create my own kind of pseudo strategies based off of the bollinger band or ema crossovers or whatever I’m most familiar with run those back tests fine tune it then I can paper trade it and I’m not putting anything at risk and you can do this right now with the evaluation copy of the bot so in a nutshell um you know as it sits right now I mean I the bots doing pretty well for me I mean this is this is legitimate folks so um you know if you have any questions let me know in the comments below you know as it sits right now i’ve been playing with the bot i’ve been day trading with it um I’m letting it go actually it’s not really day trading I’m not exiting all my positions by the end of business or anything um but I am I’m going in and I’m looking at the bot I’m trying to figure out how is it performing um should is it d dollar cost averaging properly  I’m actually using version 1.45 right now in my live trades andthis 1.46 is supposed to address some of the issues I was having so I’m going to install that here soon and I’m going to run that I think we even have 1.47 coming we’re just really trying to crank this out we’re redoing the website we’re redoing everything the user interface we’re making it better we’re adding so much more information for the more pro level bot traders out there but I’m telling you right now i’ve done i’ve done case studies in the past where i’ve started this bot up i’ve run a bollinger band at base settings and let it rip and it does fine it actually runs profitably and that’s even possible um without my dca settings.

If there’s any advice that I could give anyone on on bot trading because it is like treasure hunting even though there are 1 332 or 37 marketing market pairs on Kucoin I would only encourage people to trade projects that you already know and love there’s a much higher likelihood of getting profitable with a trading bot if you’re running 30 40 different pairs of highly volatile  cryptocurrencies but if the price drops and the market changes drastically and you’re left holding bags of what could potentially be a very worthless project then it doesn’t do you very well so when I’m bought trading I am more like I am more apt to setting up a high tier dca you know where I’m doubling down 10 13 14 15 even 20 times if I want.

If I have the capital to do that um with something that I really like like a cardano or if there are other projects out there that you really like because it doesn’t matter if you get stuck with a bag you you believe in the project anyway so if the market really dips hard and you’re trying to catch up with the dollar cost averaging um you’re not freaking out because you’re like well so what i’d buy it anyway and that’s a big part of the fun bat testing to me is very much like treasure hunting it is a really good time especially when you turn that back test into a paper trade and you see  your progress on these paper trades and you see these trades doing well and you’re like man this could be real money right now I could be trading this thing for real um but there are little things that happen sometimes running a trading bot is not something you can just set and forget for weeks on end little bugs happen disconnections happen you’re ultimately trading using an api so if you’re trading on an exchange and they do some kind of change or socket or something like that to their api it’ll disconnect you different things can happen so you don’t want to just set it and forget it and let it run forever.

You want to make sure that you’ve got your eye on it you want to make sure that you’re active in the community and that you’re aware of other things that might pop up for other people that could potentially pop up for you  but it really does work and it really is a good time um trading cryptocurrency in any way shape or form is going to be risky people can run the crow trader or just about any bot using the same settings and still have slightly different results you know if you’re running it on your computer at home depending on your computer speed speed things might be different for you for better or worse than your neighbor who could also be running it it’s just so many different variables come into play so you always want to know that not not any two bots or internet connections or or anything are going to be 100 the same but you know there it is folks I mean I love this thing I’m actually quite proud of it and we’ve got another update coming so yeah all right ladies and gentlemen.

Check it all out check out the evaluation version of crowtrader if you’d like do some bat testing some treasure hunting have some fun ask questions in the comments below or join the telegram group and um we’re happy to help as well as the rest of the community it’s fun try it out until next time guys i’ll see you soon grow your coins.

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