How To Setup CrowTrader & Coinbase Pro API – Best Trading Bot For 2020

Greetings ladies and gentlemen I am the crypto CROw and I’m doing thispre-recorded video as a part of a new series specifically for CRO trader which is currently available at CRO and we’ve recently just launched thisbeta version 6 that now includes finance legacy this is not finance us it’sfinance legacy and claim based pro and we’re gonna do a bit of a tutorial todayto show you guys how to set up cleanbased pro on your cro trader betaversion 6 that just launched today andincludes finance a lot of people havebeen getting this bot and setting it upand everybody starting to think hey crowmore people are starting to use it youshould probably start doing some moretutorial videos to show different thingsso i’m gonna be doing a tutorial onsetting up your api’s on claim base aswell as getting everything set up inyour bot it’s gonna be a little weirdbecause I’m not gonna be showing my APIkeys or any of that stuff so I might beclicking editing doing different thingsjust to kind of avoid some of that I’mgonna end up wiping them and everythinganyway but it’s just kind of uh you knowuh you know me I’m a little paranoid soI just don’t want to show anything onyou too many more of any kind that’sgonna you know great problem so anywayif you are setting this up and you dohave questions or what-have-youyou can obviously come downright here and click this and it willopen up the telegram community so youcan open it up right there in telegramare 196 people in there right now sevenonline and you’ll be able to get supportask questions and so forth but for nowwhat we’re going to do is you’re goingto download this beta built buildversion 6.0 so obviously after you’vepurchased the bots if you haven’tpurchased it then you’ll come here andit is point zero five Bitcoin unless youhave some sort of promo code orsomething like that at which pointyou’ll just add that promo code like wejust like right now we’re having a BlackFriday sale and so you know you canplump your promo code and that’s onlygonna last until December first thoughso if you’re watching this you may ormay not have it if you do great and ifyou don’t I’m sorry you missed thatspecial because it’s a good oneobviously with Bitcoin being seventyfour seventy seven right nowbitcoins cheap I don’t know if it’sgonna get lower or not but when Bitcoinis this cheap that’s a really good timeto make Bitcoin based purchases soanyway that’s entirely up to you if youwant to wait if you think bitcoins goingdown to four thousand dollars and maybeyou wait it out and if you think it’sgoing up to fifty anytime soon wellobviously now is the time to get crowtrader so you can accumulate more ofthat hopefully all right moving forwardhere’s what we’re gonna do I haveversion 6.0 sitting on my desktop solet’s go there is my version 6.0 and you’resaying oh you know what well what we could do is we’ll open thisup I’m gonna just drag this over towe’re gonna export everything so nowthat we have the bot bingo bango we arethere are all the files for the bot andI just deleted my database so I had like37 trades over the past week paper tradeto mind you but trades nonetheless and Iwas did I was getting pretty good gainslike things were popping I think I wasat point zero one six somethingsomething something Bitcoin over thepast week and then I was up I forget howmuch it was in USD but I have liketwelve trades in USD pairs over the pastweek and I’m gonna be showing you a lotof really cool stuff moving forward justknow this alright so the first thing you’re gonna need todo is you are going to need a claim basea coin base API and so this is actuallya medium article how to link QueenBassProAPI keys this isn’t about linking thekeys but it’s gonna show you prettyeasily what you need to do so onceyou’re in here and this is queen BassProthis is not Queen base all right plainbase will not work so you’re gonna needyour claim based pro and when you’re inyour account this is all you got to doyo you’re gonna go into your account inthe top right over here you’re gonnaclick that and then a little drop downmenu is gonna open up and it’s gonna sayAPI alright and once you are in thereoops once you’re in there you’re going to seesomething like this and this isbasically where you’re going to createyour keys and it’s very very simple soAPI settings click new API key andyou’re gonna want your API key to beview whoops view and trade only not transfer you’renot transferring anything anywhere okayyou’re not withdrawing you’re not doingany of that you’re simply trading that’sit you want to use if you’re using thison like a local machine or somethinglike that you’re not using this on a VPSeven if you are I guess the I don’t Ihaven’t done this on a VPS but you wantto make sure that somebody who forwhatever reason doesn’t get into yoursystem or what have you you know you canyou can plug in an IP whitelist in hereyou’ll get a passphrase and you’ll clickcreate API copy this pass rate you willneed it okay make sure you copy thatpassphrase and you’re going to createAPI key and then from there you’re gonna getyour API secret all right so you’regonna copy this so you’re gonna have apassphrase and the secret all right andthen you’ll see down here this is gonnabe your API key all right so once you’redone there boom now you’ve got your APIkey your permissions are view and tradeand that’s it now you’ve got all threeall right and that’s all you need that’sitclean Bass Pro 8 now this is for othersoftware and you know what this is I’venever used it but that’s basically whatyou’re gonna need you’re gonna have yourChrome coinbase Pro API key API secretin the passphrase access that and onceyou have all that I’m gonna come intothis box here with your bot and you’regonna click start mm-hmm and you’regonna get this little window here it’srunning and it’s gonna tell you go tothis URL all right so I’m gonna copythis paste it and then I’m gonna bringit up so that URL is right here I’mgonna refresh it and there we have itnow this is the bot running okay so inorder for you to use the bot you alwaysneed this command prompt this commandwindow running all rightso typically you know I can drag it offto the side or I can just minimize itall right you’re gonna want to check itbecause it is technically still in betaall right we are making some crazyimprovements and doing a lot of coolthings with it but there are stilldifferent bugs sometimes on differentoperating systems whether you’re runninga Mac you’re running the Mac version oryou’re running a Windows whatever it isyou know you still want to check it youknow once a day just to make sure it’sstill running and not giving you anyerrors if you do get errors of any kindscreenshot them and then post them inthe telegram grew well to be carefuldon’t don’t screenshot your API keys orany of that stuff right that’s that’snot what we’re here foryou don’t want to do that but if you’vegot an error or something like that it’sprobably best you know what we’re gonnado I’m just gonna create a supportsystem on the site that way you’re nothaving to post all this stuff if it’ssomething that you know is safe andyou’re not getting a bunch of code withany kind of anything harmful in it thenmaybe you can share that but be cautiousbut what I’ll end up setting up somesystem all right so here’s what you’regonna do you’re gonna basically set upyour first name your last name youremail address use the email address thatyou used when you bought your licenseokay and then this is where you’re gonnaput your license key this is the key forthe software that you bought all rightlet me see something herealright so I’m gonna basically plug thisstuff in and hit next and then I will beback in a second[Music]should play the curl your queen songright now that would probablyOh your coins crew meansOh indeedalright I’m just copying and pastingthis stuffthen I will go to the next screenalright so I hit next validating licenseboom okay so I’ll drag this back up I amthere it is so now once you’ve addedthat information and it’s validated yourlicense it’s gonna take you to thisscreenwelcome enter your exchange informationoh there’s finance and then there’scoinbase Pro we’re going with coinbasePro alright now this exchange label thisis basically where you can labelwhatever the exchange is let’s call itQueen base alright then in here you’regonna put your primary API key your APIsecret and then your API passphrase yourpassword so I’m going to do that now[Music][Music]youI was done doing this on multiplemonitors is not always super easyand it worked and so we’re back here nowwe’re at the next windowwe’ve only got thirty eight more windowslike this to go folks no I’m kiddingthis is almost it so here you’re gonnaput your time zone whatever time zoneyou’re in and they’re all a whole bunchof them so pick what time zone works foryou um what works for me where lets do Iguess New York maybe um Robel there’s somany blue mini I’m not even sure howmuch this affects things but I have toassume that it does to some degree so Iwant to make it accurate I think umthere we go somewhere in hereor Wayneezal eats no I’m not negative forum fiveokay all right and then this is locationwell obviously we’re in America we’re inAmerica not in the United KingdomEnglish United States and then I’mclicking nextall right now this is four so add yourpaper trading starting capital amountamount so let’s say hypotheticallyyou’re thinking I um I want to tradelike I’ve got like I don’t know let’ssay you want to trade with a Bitcoinokay or maybe you want to trade with 0.2Bitcoinmaybe you’ve got I’m just gonna thrownow I’m no so one maybe let’s say fiveaetherium and let’s say $2,000 cash allright some of you guys are thinking deadcrow you’re a baller I’m just throwingnumbers in here this does not reallymatter but this is going to you knowwhen your paper trading and you’rerunning these back tests this is this isbasically like saying okay this is howmuch I want to trade with in any ofthese or each of these and that’s that’sit and so when your paper trading that’swhat your limits are gonna be and soit’ll stop you and it’ll you know won’tgo over this sum all right so it’s it’shelpful but it does it doesn’t reallymatter because when you start turning onlive trading you’re gonna basicallychange these pairs to using any amountyou want but what what’s gonna happen iswhen you are you know when I set up aback test okay I’m gonna set up a backtest based on a certain amount ofcapital and then when I go from backtesting I say oh that looks like somepretty good games in the past so I’mgonna turn on paper training and it’sgonna keep those settings and then if Istill like where it’s going I just hit abutton and it goes the live trading soyou want this to be like what you’ve goton the exchange so if you’ve if you’vegot one Bitcoin if you’ve got point 1Bitcoin if you’ve got point 0 5 Bitcoinwhatever it is you’re trading with it’sprobably gonna be best if that’s whatyou put in here okayokay all right setup complete create abacktestthat is it from here you can go throughand start experimenting and we’re gonnago into some of that stuff in the nextvideo so hopefully this was helpfulhelpful I gotta say this is probablygonna be the easiest setup of just aboutany bot out there I’m sure you you’vegot to agree I like this video I meanyou know how long it is it’s prettyshort and it was already I mean I drugit out by rambling so until next videoguys hopefully your bot is runningsmooth and crow your coins and I willsee you in the next oneEnglish (auto-generated)