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CrowTrader Update 1.5.1 Now Live

Greetings Crows!

 We are now in 2024 just weeks from the next Bitcoin Halving and are now in a Bull Market. Well, as you all know, when I’m not using CrowTrader, I’m not talking about it. Well, amazing news is, not only am I using CrowTrader again which we know can tear through a bull market, but it just got soooo much better!

Version 1.5.1 has launched which has some of the most amazing features that will empower you in new ways you’ve likely never seen.

#1. CrowTrader now works with the following Exchanges, some ready for Live Trading and some only with Papertrading:

 Coinbase – Livetrading

 Binance – Livetrading – Livetrading

 Bybit – Livetrading

 Bitget – Livetrading

 Kraken – Livetrading

 Kucoin – Livetrading

 Poloniex – Livetrading

 Fairdesk – Papertrading

#2. You can now trade Tradingview Alerts!!!

Yes, now you can use AI such as ChatGPT (or your favorite AI platform) to code Pinescript Strategies for Tradingview and through the Webhook system, CrowTrader will trade those strategies for you!!!

I have recorded a Guide Video here:

I also found this guys channel that focuses on creating Pinescript and Python Strategies:

#3. Affiliate Marketing Is Ready to Rock!

It’s time to crank up your Affiliate accounts at and get your affiliate links ready. There will be a lot of content coming to help you help others learn how to use CrowTrader effectively. If you already have your account, log in and grab your links:

Overall, we at CrowTrader are very excited about what is new and what is coming for the trading bot. Expect a lot of new strategies to try and and have fun creating and testing your own!

While you can now create your own strategies either coded yourself or using AI, we still have the same stock strategies but know that only the built in strategies can be tweaked and adjusted within CrowTrader.

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