CrowTrader Bollinger Band Strategy & Backtesting - Bot Trading

Greetings ladies and gentlemen I am the
crypto CRO and I am going to be doing
another video tutorial teaching you
baseless only because I’m doing it at
the same time I did the setup video and
well you’re not gonna want to see me
right now I’m a little rough after
Thanksgiving bellies out shirt is off
it’s hot down here and well I’d rather
be messing with messing with this bot so
uh without everybody seeing me
no it’s not that bad but anyway so
tonight we are actually here today
whenever you’re watching this we’re
gonna be going over back testing and
we’re gonna be going over the Bollinger
Band strategy so assuming you’ve watched
the previous video you’ve got your bot
set up your charged up you’re ready to
rock and roll you’ve got your queen base
account and you’ve got a little bit
corns in there and so here we are we’re
gonna go to this drop down so we’re
gonna click back testing and then we’re
gonna go to this drop down and we’re
gonna select the Bollinger Band strategy
a duel Bollinger Band RSI strategy with
crow guard and crow trailing alright
we’re gonna click that hot out there you
go you got some settings in there we are
going to if some of you guys will know a
remember that I had four like this
Masari account where it shows you kind
of basically what the most volatile
coins are at the end of any particular
time and one of the most volatile pairs
one of the most volatile coins I’ve seen
currently is pesos so I’m gonna look at
or I’m sorry it’s xtz is the PES the
ticker xtz Bitcoin alright so we’re
gonna be trading tezo’s on this now you
can of course practice any different
pair you want all right you’re gonna
find different settings are gonna work
differently depending on the period
trading and its volatility against
Bitcoin so we’re gonna use market orders
you’re starting capital I just leave it
you know especially for back-testing or
whatever I just leave it a default which
is point zero
five and then fixed amount so point zero
five bitcoin is basically right now
three hundred and seventy three dollars
that is gonna basically trade two
hundred and eighty three point five four
three one six tezo’s every time alright
and we can adjust this however we want
you’ve got a smaller amount we can do it
let’s just say point zero one bit Queen
so we’re gonna trade seventy-five bucks
where the tezo’s okay and it’s fifty six
tezo’s at the current price apparently
we’re gonna do market orders and we’re
gonna take into account the fees now
coinbase pro just jacked up their fees
the point five percent make it or take
it all right so this is defaulted to
point two we’re just gonna change that
to point five
all right we’re gonna account for the
fees the period of time we’re gonna look
at a 15-minute chart now again this is
something else that you’ll be able to
experiment with this is part of the
beauty of back testing you can do
whatever you want and then time span we
can test it over 24 hours 48 hours seven
days 14 days or a month okay the
timeframes down here are gonna be
dictated by the time frames up here so
if I go one day if I’m using day candles
I can check that out over a period of
the last six months okay do you go out
pretty far but we’re gonna go fifteen
minutes on the Bollinger Band we’re
gonna say let’s take 14 days now
I’m not gonna change anything else it’s
all I’m gonna change right here I’m
gonna use these base settings over here
not gonna put on trailing stop loss I’m
not gonna change my game percentage none
of this it’s gonna leave it a default
this is all I’ve changed and we’re gonna
see what happens and I click run back
test is running and what it’s doing is
it’s calculating it’s already finished
calculating all the entries and exits
over the last 14 dat 14 days using a
15-minute candle now before we look at
what it’s done I’m gonna show you what
it’s looking at all right now this is a
Bollinger Band this is a Bollinger Band
on a 15 minute candle and this is
ultimately showing you I’m basically
gonna show you what the bot is looking
for okay now ultimately what the Bata is
looking for is it’s looking for entries
at the bottom of the band and it wants
to sell them higher up in the band but
again this is gonna be dependent on what
you are trying to do now you have to
remember some of these trades while they
look good may not be that Vaught may
that may not be that fruitful all right
let’s say here to here all right that’s
about a 4% trade in there okay
now this is also back testing so it’s
not necessarily gonna catch every one of
these but it’s also not gonna bother
training trades that are under a certain
percentage of potential gain and so you
know you want the bot to be honest with
you so we go back in here let’s look at
the game percentage 3% over 17 trades
okay now
this is also based off of a 1% game so
once the bot has got into a position and
it sees a potential for a 1% gain
it’s that that’s that’s that’s it it’s
gonna try and exit okay now
for whatever reason this is not showing
all that okay so this is basic it’s
making these trades but your total game
is actually only three point one eight
percent on all of that
why because coinbase is taking point
five percent on the buy and point five
percent on the sell so once it’s it’s
it’s basically eating up a lot of your
profit all right so it’s making a lot of
trades and it’s showing you all those
entries and exits but you’re basically
giving up that 1%
the claim base and you’re accumulating
the difference okay so that’s what this
is showing you this is showing you now
it’s also saying hey if you bought in at
the very back here and just held it
you’d be up 27% oh that’s that’s
hindsight right you don’t know what’s
gonna happen in the market so what I do
know is that I want to make less trades
and I know that the idea of by trading
is you want to get in and out in and out
in and out as many times as possible
right but you don’t want coinbase to be
eating up your profits so I want to
experiment a little bit here and I want
to see you know what I want I want to
I’m not I want to trade it unless I’m
gonna make five percent gains I want to
make at least five percent gains on my
trades let’s see what happens there
so before I go into it I want to ask you
do you think that you’re gonna make less
trades with more profit more trades with
less profit how do you think this is
going to turn out
the far me less trades with more profit
okay and again I’m looking at the
volatility here I’m exiting here I’m
buying in lower I’m exiting up here
buying and again lower I’m waiting for
that I’m exiting up here so you can see
where it’s going like from right here it
entered a position but from there the
price has gone down so because it
entered up here and the price basically
didn’t give me a possibility of getting
at least 5% profit it’s it’s basically
rode that down now what I could have
done if I want to if I want to just not
do that I could either a throw in a stop
loss in here and it will have exited me
out prior to this going down more right
maybe I could have taken a little bit of
a loss though but I would still have my
capital up here while this is riding all
the way down okay so that’s one thing
that I could have done so I in this kind
of trade activity I could have just
taken used to stop-loss I typically
don’t use the stop-loss but in this case
maybe I want to so I’m gonna go in here
and I’m gonna say uh let’s just set a
stop loss it I don’t know point one five
I don’t know let’s see what that would
have done
total of 51 trades negative 5% look at
all that I’ll pop how getting stopped
out a lot on that let’s then what a set
of stop loss at 1.5% see how that
changes things
all right 27 trades but now my
percentage gains only 1% sometimes just
holding a bit gives you an opportunity
to make bigger profits now when I have
used BOTS in the past I always typically
I never use stop losses but what I did
do was I used DCA now that’s something
that’s being worked on we’re gonna be
adding that to CRO trader at some point
sooner than later I’m sure
but DCA is really important to me
because rather than worry about the
I’m basically averaging down my position
so what I’m doing rather than say oh
well I bought up here and the price has
gone down well what I’m doing is I’m
doubling down doubling down doubling
down doubling down and I’m continue to
improve my position by buying it at
cheaper prices ultimately averaging out
the price I bought in for so maybe if I
bought in the 10 cents here 8 cents here
7 cents here well then my average price
might be 6 and a half cents or 7 and a
half cents so now the bot or the price
only has to go up just a little bit it
doesn’t have to go all the way up to 10
cents if you go to 6 and you know if you
go up to seven cents basically and and I
can exit my position at profit and
that’s what averaging down is that’s
what DCA settings are for so excuse me
let’s just get rid of the stop loss but
at this point I want to do I want to say
let’s let’s just say I want a 15% profit
you can’t give me a 15% profit I’m not
gonna bother making the trade because
I’m not paying coinbase
all right let’s see what happens there
five percent games
very very interesting
I’m gonna improve I’m gonna change this
to a tee
I want to find that I want to buy in
lower okay I want to buy and lower on
the band
I percent games very interesting
don’t you see something
know what’s going on
kind of weird cuz
I was running some of these tests
earlier and I was getting much better
games I wonder if it has to do with my
money Oh No let’s try it
play a difference
well I guess it does now I’ve only made
one trade but it’s been an 8.75% trade
ah applause no
let’s try a 6% rate
I’m sure what’s happened this is really
weird let me see if I did this the CRX
let’s try ZRX
more maybe this is what I did earlier
two trades at 11%
gain and I’m making better gains than
buying and holding
for game
oh that’s nope no potential there no
potential potential no potential for
those kinds of games
a man
fine then
now we’re showing 12% games
prepare this is office ZRX BTC so I mean
basically you see what I’m doing I’m
experimenting with different things like
gain I’m experimenting with timeframes
like let’s go back to tezo’s
oh that’s Tasos USD mezzos Vick horn all
right so now let’s take a look at what a
one-hour over 14 days does with these
same settings beside of curiosity
there we go two trades at 13.4 5%
so and this is these are the settings
okay so but the very idea is is that I’m
saying okay look bot
I want to buy in low but I only want to
make the trade I only want to exit when
the when I can buy in low and sell
really high so if I can buy in somewhere
like this and I can you know you can see
a tree that’s 23% if the bot catches
that but I want something I basically
want you know like if I’ve got that game
set to 10% I’m looking for stuff like
this I want to buy in here and sell
higher and that’s basically what the
Bollinger Band strategy is looking for
it’s looking for those kinds of
opportunities so that you don’t have to
now I’m gonna go back here I’m gonna
start this from scratch because
I want to make sure that you guys are
getting it and I want to see if maybe I
change something or what and I was
getting some better positions xtz market
order I’m gonna leave that at stock art
order slippage and fees
two minutes over 14 days I’m gonna
change this to 80
on a
hablas no nothing was I don’t know
there we go that’s what I was seeing
now I’m seeing a 25% game I don’t know
if sometimes if if you if you mess with
it too much the algorithm wants you to
just reset start from scratch because
it’s reading different you know parts
information but this is ultimately while
it doesn’t seem like much it’s only
doing two trades those two trades are
very profitable okay and so you know to
each their own but look this is a 16%
gain on this trade and a 15% trade on
that one now the thing of it is is
before I leave it here you know oh and
I’ll show you something else
let’s say let’s say I really like these
settings and you know I want to give
them to you guys I can come over here to
settings options I can say I’m gonna
save these settings all right so there’s
I’m gonna save that and then I want to
share them there we go
all I have to do is copy to clipboard
and as an experiment I’ll put these in
I’m gonna paste them into
the the crow trader telegram group right
there and we’ll see what happens that’ll
be an experiment but if you watch this
video you’ll know what to do from now on
because what you’ll do is you’ll come in
here and you’ll say I want to load
settings and I’m gonna paste them
i pasted them right there and boom it’s
gonna automatically load everything and
then I can run it and that’s it and
that’s how you’re gonna I’m gonna be
giving you guys my settings when I’m
experimenting and I’m doing different
things you’re just gonna see me copy and
I’m gonna paste them right into the crow
trader telegram channel and you can put
throw them into your BOTS run a test let
me know give me feedback we reply to
those settings say hey crow I just ran
those I’m getting a negative or I’m
getting you know point eight percent or
I’m getting twenty eight percent let me
know but this is basically showing you
my total pl/i
my pn l started here this is where my
gains this is the gains that i would
have made over the last fourteen days in
those two trades pretty pretty
significant and so the next step let’s
say I like this and so I’m like okay I
like these settings I want I’m good with
just making two trades getting a twenty
five percent gain boom
start pay per trade and now I’ve got it
and so from now on this is gonna be a
Bitcoin based pay per trade moving
forward over a 15 minute chart and it’s
gonna be looking for high gains okay
now this is also dependent on the
volatility of the pair so if Bitcoin and
tezo’s is crossing back and forth over
each other a lot that’s what’s gonna
help dictate the price potential or the
price action that the bots gonna act
from now hindsight is always 20/20 right
so it’s easy for the bot to go back and
say well we could have done this we you
know we’re gonna do this we’re gonna do
that and another thing and look really
sometimes based on the past you know
your your paper trading is going to be
different because your paper trades are
going to be acting on the current market
it’s scanning for an entry right now
it’s looking for an opportunity so it’s
looking at this Bollinger Band and it’s
wait it’s gonna wait for the price to
come down somewhere really low because I
said it at an 80 so it’s gonna be
looking at the very bottom of this
Bollinger Band for an entry opportunity
and once it hits that it’s gonna buy
automatically okay and then it’s gonna
be looking for your exit
so that’s how this Bollinger Band
strategy is going to work and you can
you can change the settings play with
things but this is ultimately in paper
trading right now so what happens now
is let’s say I am I’m looking for so
this is actually showing you the order
book and things like that seen kind of
get an idea as to where things are going
but let’s just say that I I like this
that I’m looking at my paper trades it’s
made six trades crazy games this is
something that looks to be very
profitable in the current market all I
have to do is hit this button right here
and it turns on live training and at
that point it’s actually gonna start
using the Bitcoin that you have
currently on your claim base account if
I’ve let this run for a week several
days and I’m like it’s not doing
anything I don’t really like it I can
either wait or I can just delete it and
that’s that I want a quick look at what
the settings are because maybe I forgot
or whatever I can scroll through here I
can see these are my settings this is
what’s currently happening Sentinel as
the bot algorithm basically and then
here are the trades and that’s that and
you can do the same thing with etherium
or US USD pairs and this kind of
separates everything so you can have at
a glance look at your starting capital
your current capital P&L; for today or
yesterday and for the past week
that’s it folks that’s Bollinger Band
strategy back-testing and paper trading
I’ll be back with another video going
over yet another strategy we’re gonna
get through them all see you guys soon
Crowe your coins