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Easy to use crpto trading bot for Kucoin, Coinbase and BinanceUS with multiple configurable strategies!

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Algorithmic Crypto Bot Trading

What Is Crypto Bot

You may hear Algorithmic Bot Trading or Automated Bot Trading and think its not real, lucrative or worth getting into. Maybe it sounds intimidating or difficult to learn.

Not only is bot trading real and has been around for decades, it's potentially quite lucrative and easier to learn than you think. CrowTrader can generate profits with a few clicks after setup using stock settings. From there, some changes can improve profitability.

CrowTrader V 1.46

Download either version of CrowTrader, (Updated to 1.4.6 on July 1, 2022) and do backtesting and papertrading without a license! If you like the results, grab you license for .03 BTC!

Exchanges CT Runs On


$1,845,226,686 in Daily Trade Volume.

Kucoin is known to list trading pairs other exchanges dont, or dont yet. Kucoin is the 5th Ranked Exchange in the world.

$2,181,259,485.53 in Daily Trade Volume

Coinbase is a US Regulated Exchange with higher fees on trades under $10,000 but it's secure though less pairs that other exchanges.

$508,929,842 in Daily Trade Volume

BinanceUS is a US Regulated exchange with less pairs than its Asian counterpart. High speeds and lower fees than most exchanges.

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