Algorithmic Crypto Trading Bot
Now With CoinBasePro & Binance! Algorithmic Crypto Trading Bot
Now With CoinBasePro & Binance!

Algorithmic Crypto Trading Bot
Now With CoinBasePro & Binance!

CrowTrader Empowers You Use Various Strategies, Indicators and more to improve your Bitcoin Position.
Easy To Use, Multiple Strategies, Regular Updates.

Algorithmic Crypto Trading Bot
Now With CoinBasePro & Binance!

Letter From Crypto Crow About Crypto Bot Trading

Crypto Bot Trading can be extremely profitable, however, regardless of how easy a trading bot is to use,  you must always continue learning about the market. This helps you better understand what your bot does and empowers you to make changes that will help your trading bot perform better.

There is no shortage of crypto trading bots on the market that vary in price, functionality and ease of use. 3Commas trading bot is a product I’ve tried myself which I found extremely difficult to use and was never able to actually get it profitable. Profit Trailer trading bot was actually pretty decent, but it was also extremely difficult to use. Even when I distributed my settings to users, few were able to get the Profit Trailer Trading Bot setup properly. 3Commas Trading Bot is also developed out of Russia which isn’t necessarily a big deal, they have many great developers there, but I prefer working with a product from the USA.

When you’re looking for a Crypto Trading Bot or Bitcoin Trading Bot to help you improve and accumulate your favorite asset through the volatility of the cryptocurrency market, you want to make sure it’s a bot that empowers you to achieve your goals in a measurable and easy to understand way. That is why we have created the CrowTrader Crypto Trading Bot.

As our community continues to grow, the more users there are Backtesting strategy settings and sharing them for other users to potentially profit from and the trading bot was created to enable users to do that easily.

I believe our crypto trading bot is of the best on the market and at a price that makes it easy for just about anyone to get into. I’m confident our trading bot will empower you to do things you never thought possible and though we don’t guarantee profits, we do guarantee our mission to help you succeed in finding them.

Be well and Crow Your Coins.



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CrowTrader does not offer financial advice nor does it make any gaurantees of profit. Cryptocurrency is very risky and investors and traders could lose everything. Always do your own research before investing.